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Food at your doorsteps!

Fresh in quality and fair in price! Use our Food app to order Groceries vegetables, milk, Dairy products, fruits… Everything online and we deliver them to your homes, from your Favorite Store!!!

The best app to order food online! Buying  Food, Groceries, Vegetables, fresh and fair made easy. All in just an few flicks of your finger!

Buying grocery is a pesky business: tomatoes should be ripe, potatoes should not be soft, onions should not be wet, and greens should be clean! It takes so much of our time and energy, and still we get a raw deal. But with Grobux, no more grocery phobia!

To buy the best food that’s available around you, just choose them on the Grobux app, fill your cart, check out, and we deliver them to your doorsteps.

Grobux is intuitive in design and it will give you the right list of Food, Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals, Pulses, Milk, Egg, and Meat for you to choose. The interface is easy to move around, and what more, you get Some of the best deals and unbelievable offers every time you do your grocery shopping on the app.

Buying grocery online has never been as easy as this before. Do it in three simple steps:

1. Register your mobile number

2. Choose your Favorite Store

3. Choose the items into the Grobux Food  App’s cart

4. Feed/pick your address to deliver

And presto! You have our delivery executive ringing your doorbell to deliver your favourite food shopping!

Our vegetables are bought fresh from the farmers; our milk and dairy products are procured from the best farms; the cereals and pulses we sell are the best quality in town; we ensure freshness and fairness all the way until the grocery bag reaches your hands.

Grobux gives you the best shopping experience, and checking out is easy with a variety of payment methods. Buy grocery with cash, cards, or wallets, and delightfully so with plenty of offers ranging

From cashback to coupons to special discounts!

No more pushing and pulling among crowds! No more fighting for the best produce! No more searching for the right change! No more carrying heavy bags of grocery! Grobux app takes care of all that and more!

Ordering food , groceries, vegetables, fruits, milk, dairy products, bakery products, provisions through the Grobux app are reliable, cheap, and easy.